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What is Story Tracker?

StoryTracker is a character and plot management tool, designed to help fiction authors get their stories organized in a professional, useful way.

The benefits of using Story Tracker include:

  • Quickly explore your characters' histories, motives, and relationships
  • Trace plot lines to find holes, clich├ęs or inconsistencies
  • A better final product when your work is ready to be released.

Your Work is Safe with Us!

All of your account data is 100% private. You own all the content you provide to Story Tracker, and are the only user who has access to that content. We will never misuse or abuse your content.

Backups of your data are taken daily. This means if there's an utter catastrophe, we'll be able to restore your data from the day before. We intend to increase the frequency of these backups as we grow larger.

If Story Tracker ever kicks the bucket, we'll provide a minimum of two weeks notice so that you can properly move your data out of our system. A tool has been provided once you log in to download an archive of all your account data.

You may wish to review our Privacy Policy for more information. If you have a specific question about how your data is used, feel free to Contact Us.

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Story Tracker is currently in open beta phase.

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When Story Tracker transitions out of beta into our first release, we intend to follow a freemium model. Anyone will be able to add their first story, with access to all of our features, completely for free. Users can then upgrade to a Pro account (pricing to be determined) to add as many stories as they want.

Honorary Members will be given a lifetime Pro account, as thanks for helping us shape our future. We greatly appreciate your feedback and responses.

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